Pay Per Click (PPC)

Proven search solutions

Phillips Marketing Associates offers pay-per-click advertising services to companies of all sizes – and with budgets from large to small. Lead generation is a key component in any successful marketing strategy as it lets us put companies in front of customers across the web.

Better still, we can have a campaign up and running in a relatively short time. That means you can have calls and lead forms hitting your desk within days of signing an agreement.

Campaign Creation 100%
Keyword Research 100%
Impactful Creatives 100%

There’s nothing that can compete with PPC advertising when it comes to quickly delivering leads to your business – no matter where you happen to be located. Our team will give you a clear idea of costs and potential in your area any time you’re interested.

PPC Research

Our staff takes time to get to know you and the competition

PPC Structure

A solid account structure leads to lower costs a higher returns

PPC Creatives

We build the most effective ads using your input along the way

PPC Bidding

We know the best bidding strategies to use for every situation

PMA’s PPC managers are all highly skilled and fully certified in all aspects of search marketing we specialize in – from search and display to Smart Bidding and Manual strategies. We can build a campaign to deliver on any goals you may have using all the features available in the platform of your choice.

Again, when it comes to getting fast returns on your lead generation investments nothing comes close to PPC.

Our PPC strategists can design the ideal search marketing strategy for your business.


Choosing Phillips Marketing Associates as your partner when it’s time to market your business is just the smart move to make wherever you are in the U.S. Our team is just that good.

While some firms promise to be there with answers and insights whenever you need them, PMA delivers on that promise. Here your PPC campaigns matter to us every second of every day.

PMA is always thinking two steps ahead and that goes for the PPC strategies we offer our clients – from driving call volume to any location they have to increasing pageviews and contact forms. We design campaigns that deliver exactly what clients are looking for.

There’s more to the PMA difference than the attention we provide or the PPC strategies we come up with for each individual client. It’s the support you receive from your account manager and their unfailing commitment to your search marketing success.

Bring all your digital marketing and advertising projects to Phillips Marketing Associates for a level of service that’s found nowhere else and results that no other agency can deliver. Our team is standing by now to start a conversation.

PMA is a full-service advertising and marketing firm offering a la carte and turnkey marketing solutions – solutions focused on connecting businesses with their customers in the most cost-efficient and expedient way.