Eric Gehler

In Memory

Brief info

Eric Gehler was an important part of the Phillips Marketing Associates team. He was a brilliant man with a passion for data and measurement. He was gregarious, opinionated and committed to being the best teammate and friend possible. He was an asset to all who knew him.

Unfortunately, Eric passed away in April of 2022 leaving a hole in both our team and in our hearts. He was far too young and had so much left to do but he had lived quite a life – a life filled with adventure, accomplishment and lifelong relationships. That’s something we all can aspire to.

Though Eric Gehler is gone he’ll always be a part of PMA because he helped to shape the company we are today. His knowledge, his experience and his unabashed optimism for marketing made a real difference in how we do business and that will never change. We’ll miss Eric but we’ll never forget him or his contributions.

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