Marketing Measurement

Make sense of your data

Your marketing efforts, no matter how thorough they are, will only be as good as your ability to measure success. Data-driven marketing allows you to have more personalized interactions with your customers across all your different marketing channels.

But that kind of data usage requires being able to properly attribute your successes to the appropriate channels and campaigns. That’s where we come in.

Tracking Implementation 100%
Metric Monitoring 100%
Lead Scoring 100%

While you may have thought that marketing measurement was only for the biggest companies, it’s not and you need it to compete successfully today. It’s the translator that turns hard data into recommendations you can use to fuel growth and eliminate waste.

Passive Tracking

We use analytics help track activity to better performance

Detailed Insights

Access to data allows our team to deliver actionable insights

Multifaceted Marketing

With so many datasets we help you make sense of it all

Useful Forecasting

We can assist you in turning data into real-world forecasts

The expert team at Phillips Marketing Associates understands how to tie all your metrics together a produce insights and recommendations you can use to better performance across the board – every campaign, every channel.

Knowing what’s working means you can allocate budget from what’s not and make the most of your opportunities. It’s all about measurement.

Partner with PMA for world-class marketing measurement from a team you can trust.


Choosing Phillips Marketing Associates as your partner for marketing measurement is just the smart move to make wherever you are in the U.S. Our team is the best.v

hile some firms promise to be there with answers and insights whenever you need them, PMA delivers on that promise. most fail miserably within the first few months because in the end you’re just a fee to them – but not at PMA. Here your measurement and results matters to us as much as it does to you.

PMA is always two steps ahead and that goes for the marketing measurement we offer clients – from assisting companies with setting up a robust tracking approach to making sense of the data you have in-hand. We deliver what clients are looking for.

There’s more to the PMA difference than the attention we provide or the measurement solutions we come up with for each client. It’s the support you receive from our team and our unfailing commitment to our work delivering real success.

Bring all your digital marketing and advertising projects to Phillips Marketing Associates for a level of service that’s found nowhere else and results that no other agency can deliver. Our team is standing by now to start a conversation.

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