Public Relations

Manage public sentiment

Your business needs to maintain visibility in your marketplace while maintaining some kind of control over the information that’s available to those interested in learning more about who you are and what you offer. That’s public relations from PMA.

Our team works closely with clients to define a message and share it with all the most relevant sites and publications. That gets the word out fast.

Media Expertise 100%
Proven Messaging 100%
Constant Attention 100%

Your company can rely on Phillips Marketing Associates for the most effective public relations services at rates that make it possible to get immediate attention any time you need it. Our experience and expertise is at your disposal.

Experienced Team

Our public relations team is tireless in their efforts on your behalf

Capable Strategists

Need public relations strategy? We’ll craft one that fits your needs

Preferred Media

We’ll broadcast your messaging across any channels you prefer

Affordable Rates

Our public relations expertise is accessible to any budget figure

Make the connection with the public relations team from Phillips Marketing Associates and get more from your efforts to control the narrative around your business. We have the strategies to deliver the results you’re hoping for.

When you work with PMA on public relations you can be assured of unmatched attention from highly skilled and experienced pros – no matter the budget.

Partner with PMA for world-class public relations services from a team you can trust.


Choosing Phillips Marketing Associates as your partner for public relations is just the smart move to make wherever you are in the U.S. Our team is the best.

While some firms promise to be there with answers and insights whenever you need them, PMA delivers on that promise. Here your reputation matter to us as much as it does to you.

PMA is always two steps ahead and that goes for the public relations results we offer clients – from assisting companies with showing a new product or service to messaging built for any platform. We deliver what clients are looking for.

There’s more to the PMA difference than the attention we provide or the public relations solutions we come up with. It’s the support you receive from our team and our commitment to delivering reputation management victories for you.

Bring all your digital marketing and advertising projects to Phillips Marketing Associates for a level of service that’s found nowhere else and results that no other agency can deliver. Our team is standing by now to start a conversation.

PMA is a full-service advertising and marketing firm offering a la carte and turnkey marketing solutions – solutions focused on connecting businesses with their customers in the most cost-efficient and expedient way.