We make names known

Whether you’re a seed-funded startup or a new franchisee looking to make a big impression in your geographic area, Phillips Marketing Associates can help you make the splash you’re after by bringing a wealth of talent and experience to your branded marketing efforts.

New companies and existing brands in verticals where name recognition is vital to success come to us for the experience and guidance we provide. Our expertise knows no equal.

Creative Design 100%
Content Messaging 100%
Media Placement 100%

Your brand’s messaging is everything – especially in a world of content. That’s where our experts can make a real difference for your brand – first impressions. It takes a team of talented writers to push your brand to the top and we have that team at PMA.

Brand Values

We first identify who you are and what your brand stands for

Brand Stories

We use your story to convince people you’re the right choice

Brand Positioning

We put you in places where you connect with the right people

Brand Messaging

We create brand messaging that resonates in the right places

Using all of the elements described above in unison, the PMA team can deliver real results when branding your business – whether it’s a new franchise or an established operation. Our team takes a deep interest in the success of all our clients so when they come to PMA they’re success is our only objective.

Get the high-impact branding expertise you need to take your brand to the top of any market from PMA.

PMA can help you transform the way your customer base views your goods or services.


Choosing Phillips Marketing Associates as your partner when it’s time to brand your business is just the smart move to make wherever you are in the U.S. Our team is that good.

Bring all your digital marketing and advertising projects to Phillips Marketing Associates for a level of service that’s found nowhere else and results that no other agency can deliver. Our team is standing by now to start a conversation.

While some firms promise to be there with answers and insights whenever you need them, PMA delivers on that promise. Here you’re part of a real client family and we pride ourselves on attention to detail as well as our individual clients.

PMA is always thinking two steps ahead and that goes for the strategies we offer our branding clients – from ways to bolster existing efforts to forecasting for a future of peak growth potential. We take the long view while never losing sight of what’s happening now.

There’s more to the PMA difference than the attention we provide or the strategies we come up with for each individual client. It’s the support you receive from our team members and their unfailing commitment to your success.

PMA is a full-service advertising and marketing firm offering a la carte and turnkey marketing solutions – solutions focused on connecting businesses with their customers in the most cost-efficient and expedient way.