Placement Means Everything

The Right Placement Means Everything

At Phillips Marketing Associates, we’ll put our media buying and placement experience up against anyone – big or small. While we don’t have the high price tags that pay for fancy offices like the big agencies, we still deliver unparalleled service and since we’ve worked on both the media and agency sides of the street we have the insight to leverage your investment.

We’ve worked with all types of clients to get their messaging into places where it can have the largest impact. And, we do it all for clients of any size and in any market – with or without huge budgets. It’s our experience that sets us apart from the rest and our regional expertise that makes us the obvious choice for your next campaign.

Have you worked with agencies in the past that failed to live up to their taglines? Have you gone it alone and done your best in-house? Well, you don’t have to worry about performance with PMA and you’ll never have to try to wear two hats again as long as you entrust our team with your media buying and placement.

Each one of the experts at Phillips Marketing Associates has years of experience helping companies just like yours with their media placement. All that experience is at your disposal and our results, well, our results speak for themselves. Loudly.

It’s as simple as reaching out to our team and discussing your business, your team’s thought on advertising, and the goals you have for your campaigns.

What are you waiting for? Partner with PMA and get world-class media placement from the team that knows it best!

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